Tuna Cone

Grilled jicama filled with fried tuna marinated in pineapple and chipotle. Accompanied with guacamole and pico de gallo.


Tuna Tartar

Freshly cut tuna marinated in soy sauce with mushrooms and red onions. Served over shrimp cracker.


Tuna Carpaccio

Fresh and tropical.


Mandarin Ribs

Cooked in a high pressure vacuum at temperatures of 161 Fahrenheit degrees for 12 hours in a soy sauce with vinegar and ginger rice. Served over a bed of sweet potatoes.


Calamari Rings

Fried Calamari served with marinara salsa.


Grilled Corn on the Cob

Servidos con chile tajin, mayonesa y queso parmesano.


Bao of Chicken Mole

Oven baked bread filled with mole poblano with chicken.


Fresh Guacamole

Traditional guacamole accompanied with fresh corn tortilla chips.


Bao Pibil

Oven baked bread filled with cochinita pibil accompanied with onions and habanero salsa.


Homemade Empanadas


Strawberry Salad

Salad with baby spinach, pear, apple, grapes, goat cheese and sugared nuts. Served with a strawberry and basil dressing.


Chicken Salad

Mixed lettuce, chicken cooked at high vacuum temperatures, caramelized onions, grilled tomatoes, and Indian nuts. Served with a roasted chile salsa and lemon.


Goat Cheese and Quince Salad

Mixed Lettuce and spinach with cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, quince, mangos, strawberries, guacamole and honey vinaigrette.


Main course

Risotto Funghi

Carnaroli rice mixed with mushrooms and parmesan cheese


With chicken


Parmesan Encrusted Chicken

Chicken breast cooked at high temperatures within a vacuum encrusted in parmesan and a reduction of caramelized onions. Accompanied with sweet potato fries.


Chicken Curry

Simmered Coconut milk, curry, churchum, and salted vegetables. Typical of India.


Placero Tacos

Huitlacoche tortilla, pork belly cooked within a high pressure vacuum, with a reduction of pineapple and chile de arbol, crunchy pore, watercress, and papaloquelite oil.


Rib Eye High Choice

USDA Prime Rib Eye accompanied with wedge fries.


Vegan Tacos

Homemade tortilla, soy chorizo, salted cauliflower, cactus, roasted pineapple, and salsa of pumpkin pit


Duck Carnitas

Shredded duck accompanied with finely sliced chiles, roasted onions, guacamole, cactus, and corn tortilla.


400 Shrimp

Salted shrimp with chile cream flamed with Mezcal. Accompanied with white rice.


Sealed Tuna

Tuna with a center of pineapple crusted with pistachio and amaranth. Accompanied with mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables, fresh lettuce, honey vinaigrette with ginger and crunchy sweet potato.


Grilled Octopus

Grilled octopus tentacles adorned with dried chiles. Accompanied with yuca cream, chipotle mayonnaise, and parsley oil.


Fish Meatballs

Fish Meatballs served in broth of tomato and chipotle. Accompanied with rice.


Octopus Enchiladas

Four enchiladas filled with octopus bathed in green salsa. Swiss style but with a touch of Nomads.


Catch of the Day

Fresh fish encrusted with chiles. Accompanied with salted vegetables, steamed rice with onion and white wine base


Reggae Salmon

Salmon with Jamaican spices escalada. Truffle potatoes, salad, and fried almonds.



  1. Wedge Fries with Truffle Sauce
  2. Cream of Spinach and Onion
  1. Mashed Potatoes
  2. Grilled Vegetables


Octopus Rigatoni

Rigatoni pasta, salted octopus with candied tomatoes and red wine sauce with chile del arbol and onions.


Ossobuco Lasagna

Elaborated within a traditional oven with ossobuco and parmesan.


Pasta Capriccio

Spaghetti prepared with bacon, goat cheese, mozzarella, parmesan and a touch white truffle oil.




Cheesecake, with mango fluff, nibs of cacao, reduction of Jamaica and zest of lemon.


Churros Patricio

Traditional churros accompanied with chocolate and mole hot sauce.


Chocolate Brownie

Semi-sweet brownie, vanilla ice-cream, and sugared almonds.


Salami of Chocolate

Crunchy chocolate in the form of salami. Served with cheese cream and homemade marmalade.


Crazy Jack

Surprise of the Chef covered in a ball of semi-sweet chocolate and flamed with Cointreau. Accompanied with ice-cream Jack Daniel’s Honey.